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A Simple Layout to Heal Pain Naturally


The healing power of crystals is truly amazing!  If you suffer from aches and pains and are looking for a natural way to heal your pain, you've come to the right place!!

Coming for a healing session is a great way to help relieve your pain.... however, I know your life is busy so I wanted to share this simple layout that you can perform on yourself to help get you started on feeling better... from the comfort of your own home!

What is required:  4 Clear Quartz Points


1. Cleanse your Clear Quartz Points. 

You can run them under cool water for a couple of minutes with the intention that they are being released of any unwanted energies.

2. Find a Quiet Place Where You Won't Be Disturbed.  

Be sure it is somewhere that you will be able to lie down comfortably.

3.  Set a Positive Intention for Your Healing Session.

Example: I release all pain with love and feel only peace and tranquility in my body. 

4. Place Your Clear Quartz Points Where You Will Lie Among Them.

(See Diagram Below)

Place one just below your feet, one at each hip, and one above the head, touching your head.  **All points will be pointing AWAY from your body, so as to pull out unwanted energy.**


5. Lie In Your Clear Quartz Layout for 20 Minutes to an Hour.

As you are in this crystal layout, be open to receiving the healing energies of the universe.  Visualize the Clear Quartz points pulling out any unwanted energy.  You may wish to pull in universal energy through the top of your head, replacing the released energy with healing white light.  Stay in a positive frame of mind and know that you are being healed.  You may wish to listen to a guided meditation during this process. 

Click the link below for a wonderfully healing meditation that will compliment this healing session.

Heal Your Body: Spoken Guided Meditation For Pain & Sickness, Relieve Pain Naturally

Heal Your Body: Spoken Guided Meditation For Pain & Sickness, Relieve Pain Naturally

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