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The Twins: Healing, Magic & Beyond


Begins October 10th!!

What if 30 days from now your perception of the world could be completely different ... In ways far simpler than you could have ever imagined?

You're invited to our daily online energy pulls, Project Simplicity 3, to radically transform your life...As If By Magic.

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A Question Always Empowers, An Answer Always Disempowers.

What if everything you were told is a wrongness of you… and everything that you thought was a wrongness of you.. Is actually a STRONGNESS of you? 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

It’s not your job to figure anything out. 

It’s the universe’s job. 

You just have to ask and be willing to RECEIVE!!

 What if you could learn to trust you and follow the magical energy trail to where you want your life to be?

This Class Is For You If:

You Hope That One Day You Will Do The Things That Truly Make You Happy.

What if you could wake up every morning feeling happy and enthusiastic for life?

What if the purpose of life is to have fun?


You Are Open To The Adventure of Curiosity.

What if everything can be possible and anything you desire to create or change can occur with total ease?

You Are Aware There Must Be More Than This Provincial Life.


What if WHO YOU ARE is far greater than you have ever acknowledged? 

What if your difference is the gift the world has been waiting for? 

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We are The Twins..and we are on a wild adventure to a simpler way of being in this world.  


We would love to be by your side as YOU begin your new journey to a life that is simply easier.. and more joyful.. and more FUN!!

Day 1 of Project Simplicity 2

Ask And You Shall Receive...Seek And You Shall Find.

Here is what you'll receive when you say "YES" today!

A 30 Day Healing Journey

Where you will be able to drastically change what isn't working for you anymore... leading to better health, wealth, relationships, and more!

Energy Pulls

That will allow you to Pull In The Energy of what you'd like your life to be.  You will learn many fun ways to help guide you along your path with more ease.

Daily FB Lives with The Twins

Where you will be able to engage with us in a private FB group... and enjoy the magic of a like-minded people.

FB Live Replays Available

Where you will be able to go back to your favorite Energy Pulls over and over again!

Distant Reiki Healing

To nuture and love your body as it shifts and changes with your new way of being. 

Practical Tools

To simplify your life and add magic to your day... and to support and nuture your body during times of change.


After a morning session with Project Simplicity,I feel energized,and in a positive happy state of mind.It is a wonderful way to start the day .I learn a lot of things that help me with the chatter in my mind.I love” isn’t that interesting and fun and funny and a whole lot of money”,always makes me smile and let go of that negative thought.Also think sometimes at work now,to do an energy pull on my break .Very grateful for all the help I get in many ways from you both😃👍


—  Iris T.

All The Details


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