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The Twins: Healing, Magic & Beyond
Reiki Level 2 Workshop

Sunday, February 26th: 9AM-5PM

113 Washington Avenue, Davidson, SK

Investment: $300

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1


Payment: Cash,Cheque, or e-transfer to


Pay By Credit Card

Reiki Level 2 Workshop

 In this 1-day workshop you will be attuned to 3 Traditional Reiki Symbols.


This enables you to send Reiki over distances through time and space.

Hooray for Distant Healing!

You will walk away from this workshop knowing:

  • How to work with the healing energies of the 3 Traditional Reiki Level 2 Symbols.

  • How to send Distant Reiki to the past, present, and future. 

  • How to work with your Reiki guides.

  • How to work with a pendulum to interpret Chakra imbalances.

  • Energetic effects on the Human Aura.

*A Reiki level 2 manual is included, as well as a certificate upon completion of the workshop.*


Investment: $300

Already taken Reiki?  Want a refresher and a super healing day with like-minded souls?

Refresher: $150


"This Reiki is a wonderful thing...been giving myself a treatment every night before I go to sleep.. it is a game changer...been sleeping so great."       -Laverne S.


Hi there: )  I'm Kara McIvor of The Twins: Healing, Magic & Beyond here in Davidson, SK.

I've been working with the energies of the universe for over 15 years and am always seeking to find new ways to utilize those energies!  I'm a Reiki Teacher, Certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Tuning Forks and Access Bars Practitioner, and a student for life.  I look forward to connecting with you= )

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