The Twins: Healing, Magic & Beyond
Reiki Level 2 Workshop

Sunday, October 31st: 9AM-5PM

113 Washington Avenue, Davidson, SK

Investment: $275

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1


Payment: Cash,Cheque, or e-transfer to



Pay By Credit Card

Reiki Level 2 Workshop

 In this 1-day workshop you will be attuned to 3 Traditional Reiki Symbols.


This enables you to send Reiki over distances through time and space.

Hooray for Distant Healing!

You will walk away from this workshop knowing:

  • How to work with the healing energies of the 3 Traditional Reiki Level 2 Symbols.

  • How to send Distant Reiki to the past, present, and future. 

  • How to work with your Reiki guides.

  • How to work with a pendulum to interpret Chakra imbalances.

  • Energetic effects on the Human Aura.

*A Reiki level 2 manual is included, as well as a certificate upon completion of the workshop.*


Investment: $275

Already taken Reiki?  Want a refresher and a super healing day with like-minded souls?

Refresher: $115


"This Reiki is a wonderful thing...been giving myself a treatment every night before I go to sleep.. it is a game changer...been sleeping so great."       -Laverne S.


Hi there: )  I'm Kara McIvor of The Twins: Healing, Magic & Beyond here in Davidson, SK.

I've been working with the energies of the universe for 14 years and am always seeking to find new ways to utilize those energies!  I'm a Reiki Teacher, Certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Tuning Forks and Access Bars Practitioner, and a student for life.  I look forward to connecting with you= )