Inspiring Others To Be Themselves

My name is Krista Alexander and I've been on the journey of me since my early 20's. It started with a lot of journaling and reading self help books. And while I was working in Wellington, New Zealand in 2007 I took my very first reiki class that propelled me forward in discovering a world of energy and self healing.

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2004 and have worked full time in a hospital setting. I've often resisted this as my career but could never quite get myself to make a new choice. Over the years I have discovered how much I am meant to be doing this line of work and how much it truly contributes to every other part of my life. No coincidence right?


Over the years I have gained many tricks and tools that help me in this crazy and insane world we live in. And I love sharing what helps me with others who are willing to listen. In recent years I really felt something was missing. No matter what I did there was still a longing for more. I tried covering it up with a whole lot of booze and other not so helpful ways of coping. I began to really use the tools of Access Consciousness. And what I came to realize was this. What was missing was ME! I realized that I didn't really know who I was and what I wanted out of life. And since then I have been committed to discovering who I truly Am, who I truly Be.

Together with my twin sister Kara, we strive to work in communion with like minded souls to create a greater future for all. We have created classes and offer powerful healing sessions that assist others to discover who they truly be. I have 2 daughters and a husband who have very much been a part of this journey with me in ways they don't even realize. Them being them has inspired me to be more of me. Has it always been easy? Heck no! But what I have found is that the more I discover who I truly am, the more I call myself on the lies I have been telling myself and the more I choose for me, to Be, my world, my reality becomes full of ease and joy and glory.


No one can do what I do, and no one can do what you do. What would it take to be all that you can be and what gift are you to the world that you haven't yet acknowledged? What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be, to create a reality beyond this reality, to create a future you have never known, for all eternity?  Join us in a world of consciousness, of choice and possibility.  What else is truly possible?

Certifications & Qualifications
  • Registered Nurse, BScN

  • Certified Aromatherapist

  • Reiki Master

  • Access Bars

  • Master Healer

  • Communicating with Spirit Seeker


Krista Alexander or Kara McIvor

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