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Inspiring Others To Be Themselves

Greetings;) Our names are Kara McIvor & Krista Alexander and we are the Twins from Davidson, Saskatchewan. We’ve always loved the spirit world and all things magical and weird. As kids we lived down the road from a Haunted house called Hiltons. We spent many days standing outside that falling apart two story house, gathering up the nerve to go in. And we would take our friends and cousins with us on these spooky adventures.


We loved the Ouija board and even tried to have a Seance in that haunted house when we were teenagers. We loved letting our 'imagination' take us on the most delightful adventures.


But as the years went on and it wasn’t accepted to talk about such things, we just quit talking about it too. But of course, even though you don’t talk about something anymore, doesn’t mean it goes away. It’s still amongst us all… the believers and the non believers. 


And so we numbed ourselves to that magical world until our twenties when we started on our own individual journeys of true self discovery. We started to look for that magic again that we had let slip out of our existence for far too long. 


We learned the magic of Reiki, energy, crystals, journaling, meditation and started to allow the the truth of us unfold. There was this light that started to glow within and the realization that nothing in the external world could truly fill this void we were experiencing. It needed to come from within. And so it began.. Not knowing exactly what that meant or what it would look like, but knowing that whatever it takes, we were having that. And that light, over time, started to shine even more.


Then in 2015 we were introduced to Access Consciousness and took Access Bars, which led us to Foundation and a whole new way of looking at life. We were gifted a treasure chest full of magical and practical tools that we could start to use immediately.  Access Consciousness literally looks at the Foundation you have built your life upon and begins to chip away at all the parts that you think are yours, that no longer serve you and were likely never yours to begin with!


We learned that 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t actually belong to us. So ‘who do I want to be’ was the next question. It felt scary because it went against everything we had ever known and believed and were taught. We felt naked at times and wanted to run back to the old way of being and actually did, several times. And then once back in that limited world, we were reminded every time why we were searching for something greater to begin with. 


We chose to lean in to all of the things that made us mad, that made us react, the things that freaked us out, that made us want to shut it all out and triggered something deep within. We had no idea what any of that would look like or what might show up. We just started to trust. And things started to change in the most delightful ways… as if by magic.


And since then there’s been no turning back. And we were so passionate and excited about this new found magical way of being that we started making videos and posts and sharing them with anyone who might listen to them, despite our so-called fear of public speaking. 


We judged ourselves like people do, but we carried on anyways. It was an up and down roller coaster ride that led to the creation of what we offer today. We have created classes, both in person and online. We offer  healing sessions, meditation &  group healing nights and more. 


We love clearing spaces and ghost busting. We took a Talk to The Entities class in October of 2019 and it opened up our worlds and changed our lives dynamically. We’ve learned so many awesome and practical tools that we want everyone to know about so that they may experience this ease, this mystery, this discovery and this wonder with the spirit world for themselves too. And we wonder what else is possible with all of this...


So we have created this little place and enormous amount of space in hopes to inspire at least one of you to embrace and have the courage to show the world who you truly are. To be the gift that can make the world a better place. To learn to love the parts of you that you have always judged as a wrongness, and perhaps discover that it’s actually a strongness.


 What if you could learn to love every single part of you? The good, the bad and the ugly. And what if by being that you could show others, that they can be that too?


We’ve seen the changes it has made in our relationships with ourselves, with others, with our bodies, with our business, with money. And what else? What else is possible?


Can you imagine the magic that could get created if the 7.8 billion people that live on this planet allowed themselves to be who they truly be? To be the potency and the gift and the lightness that exists within each and every one of us? To receive from everything that wishes to contribute to us?


What could get created if we began to replace all of that fear, anxiety, rage, anger, sadness, sorrow and all of the emotions, with this place and space and potency that we truly be?


 What could get created if we chose to be in communion with each other? In communion with people with bodies and without?  In communion with the earth and all the energies of the universe?


What if you didn’t have to hide yourself anymore? From you or anybody else. What if you could just be you? What if the purpose of life is to be happy? What if the purpose of life is to have fun? Are you having any? 


It’s time to create your own adventure. Embrace the kid in you. Embrace your dark side, your so-called good side, every side... of you, whatever that is.


And allow us to be your wild and wacky guides. To help you discover what you’ve actually always known. To trust you. To begin to take baby steps and discover a world of magic and wonder and total freedom. What can we create and discover together? We truly wonder.


And we leave you with some of our favorite Access questions…


Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have and RECEIVE today?


How does it get any better than this?


What else is possible now?

We truly wonder...

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